Mistakes Many Women Make When Trying To Build A Lean Muscular Body

There are a number of mistakes we all make when trying to build muscle mass, increase fat loss and improve our exercise programs. These mistakes not only make muscle growth harder but they can also have negative impacts on our body composition. 

While we all can use help in designing optimal strength training programs and nutrition protocols to control body fat, there are common mistakes women make when trying to build lean muscle mass. For the most part, they are not much different than my main article on this subject. There are however a few minor differences. If you really want that body you’ve been dreaming of; lean, muscular, and an athletic appearance, you have to separate yourself from the myths that have existed out there for eons. 

If you can stop listening to the myths, and believe in science, you’ll take the steps necessary for the body you’ve always wanted.

The Mistakes Women Make That Prevent Them From Getting The Body They Desire

  1. You think lifting heavy weight is going to get you bulky. Unless you’re on the “sauce” lifting heavier weights is not going to make you bulky. In fact, you’re likely not lifting heavy enough. Heavy weightlifting and muscle size, produce the muscles you want to show “toneness.” This is what most people are looking at building lean muscle. The best way to be “toned” is to reduce body fat levels and having the muscles show when you get there.
  2. Training with too many isometric exercises. While muscle can be built using isometric exercises, they should supplement compound exercises, not the other way around. Compound exercises, as the base in your workoutroutine, will work a much larger number of muscles. You will exhaust and work more muscle fiber all while being more efficient.
  3. You do need to train your entire upper body and lower body. Don’t neglect any muscle group or you won’t have the full body you desire. Yeah, no skipping bench press! Building your chest is important.
  4. Trying to gain muscle when you are on a severe calorie deficit. Building muscle is hard enough as it is. Trying to do so with a severe caloric deficit and only focusing on weight loss makes it that much harder. If you want to gain muscle, you need adequate protein intake. Consume adequate calories, proper protein and a good resistance trainingprogram are not optional, they are the keys to the physique you desire. You also need to get in proper vitamins and nutrients.
  5. Carbs are ok! Boy do they certainly get a bad rap but they are not the enemy. In fact, I do not believe any macronutrients should be removed from your diet. They’re all important! Yes, the ketogenic diet is out there and it is certainly a diet to consider. However, you still consume carbs in this program, just at reduced levels. you can link to my article on keto above for more.
  6. Doing too much Cardio or HIIT. Yes, it’s all the craze and there is nothing wrong with performing cardio. But, if this is all you are doing, you will not get that “toned” look you are after. If you want to build muscle and you’re doing too much cardio, this can detract you from these goals. Again, no reason to make this process harder than it needs to be.

Don’t let myths and these critical mistakes get in the way of what you want to achieve. If there is one last recommendation on this subject I would give, it would be to find pictures of the body type you want. Now, your body will not look exactly the same as we all have different musculature but you can find out what these individuals did to get there. You might be surprised that they are lifting weights for gaining muscle too.

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