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Why Rely On Chance When You Can Work Hard!

I have always been a strong believer in hard work and not leaving success up to chance. I believe I trust in the more work I can put into something, the higher the likelihood that good things are going to happen either by design or luck. We all have control over how hard we work in order to achieve great things and have you ever seen or heard of anyone lucking into a great physique or landing that great deal? Of course not! It takes good working habits, consistency, patience, and working hard no matter the circumstance.

How Does Hard Work Translate To Luck

The fact is, the harder and smarter you work, the more it seems luck seems to follow you around. By no means am I saying that hard work guarantees success, but instead hard work puts you in a place where good luck can find you anD opportunity can present itself. For example, if you spend a great deal of time networking you just might find you finally connected with someone that can help propel your business. Sure, there may have been some luck involved but if you connected with 100 people, you put yourself in a spot where the likelihood of someone having a common goal or a mutually beneficial partnership emerges. The more situations like this you put yourself in, the more you’ll be amazed that things just seem to fall into place. My belief is that they are inseparable but if you only rely on luck, good things can still happen, but it is going to be rare.

A Real-Life Example

Let me give you a quick example. I have been lifting weights since I was an early teenager and had a passion for health ever since and have never stopped training since. I grew to love helping others in their own physique achievements and built my home gym at an early age, at 23 back in 2001. Due to this experience, I actually created some patents that got me connected with a company that wanted to partner with me, I initially did not take the leap (Doh!) but I continued with my hard work and continued helping others build their home gyms.
While it is difficult to see where this is going, you’ll find out shortly, I promise. I continued my relationship with this company, expanded my learning, and built some tools to help others (that were very time-consuming) improve their health and wellness and exercise space. Then, a year later, I had a vision for a new business and voila, Renegade was born. Maybe you think the creation of the ideas was luck but I believe it was something different. I put myself in a position where an opportunity presented itself, maintained a relationship with a company, @IdeaPros, that could help and provide the resources I needed to work hard through challenges.
Now, I get to help all of you in a meaningful way in a field I eat, sleep and you know what.
So don’t leave your success up to chance, work hard, grab it by the horns and go get it!
Renegade – Be One!

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