What Sets Me And Renegade Apart From The Competition?

Do you ever find yourself gravitating towards individuals that have a positive outlook, what seems like endless energy, the ability to inspire others, and make you want to change your lifestyle? And they do it all with a smile?

A Passion For Exercise And Fitness

I am passionate about helping others; people just like you. I don’t like being average (fuck average) and if you want to be successful you have to be different. You have to do the things others aren’t willing to do. To be successful, you need to have the desire, dedication, and not accept the norm. You have to be willing to fight through struggles and take failure as an opportunity. 

Did you notice I did not include motivation? Yes, motivation matters but you have to be willing to do what you have to do, motivated or not. If you only worked when you were motivated to work, how often would you work? The same thing applies to running a business, getting your ass out of bed, and working out or anything else working for. If you are always waiting for motivation, you might not even start.

Why Health And Wellness.

I love fitness and health and everything related to it. I want to be knowledgeable or know where to send you to get your answers. None of us can know everything but we can know where to get you when we don’t. I also know the equipment we sell because I actually use it. It’s not sitting in my home gym collecting dust. It’s not there for looks, even though some of it can look quite cool.

  1. I use every single piece of exercise equipment and I only wish I had room for more.
  2. I understand how to do the exercises I recommend because I do them myself. I also have a wife for a physical therapist so that helps too.
  3. I spent my time in what I believe is one of the best Certified Personal Trainer courses out there (if you want simple, inexpensive, and quick, this is not the one to do)
  4. I believe in the programs I make or share with others because these are the workouts I use. I don’t build programs off what looks cool or the fad of the month; they’re based on what gets results and Evidence-Based practices.

So what sets me apart; passion, using evidence-based science, walking the walk, and not listening to the bullshit. 

I live this lifestyle because I love it, I’m a Renegade and I want you to be one too!

To The Core!

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