What Are All The Benefits To A Home Gym?

Whether you are looking to outfit your garage gym with free weight or cardio equipment, there is no lack of reasons to do so. You may be reconsidering going to your commercial gym, just looking at additional flexibility on your workout routine schedule or home fitness just looks cool.

How Can Renegade Help You With Your Home Gym?

If you are reading this article, you are obviously pondering building a home gym. Awesome, that’s cool as hell! Here at Renegade, we want to give you everything you need to make a sound decision on your purchases. Helping you build muscle mass, consistently perform physical activity and reach your fitness goal, is what we achieve to do. 

How Can Renegade Help You Through This Process?

Whether this is evaluating products and prices, getting help with your layout, or knowing what type of equipment is right for your goals is where we specialize. We can also discuss what space is right for you and anything and everything in between. So instead of regurgitating what I have previously written in these individual articles about home gym equipment and all the reasons you should be strength training at home, ill ask you to check those out. You can find out everything you need to know already there but I will share a few of my favorite reasons to own a home gym.

Saving You Some Cash

You are going to save a ton of money buying your own fitness equipment in the long run. No, if’s and or butts about this. Want to save $$ click here

You Are Going To Shave A Great Deal Of Hours Of Travel Time Off Your Schedule.

Think about how much time you save even if your drive is 15 minutes each way to your local gym. If you drive 30 minutes total, 4x a week all year, that’s 104 hours of drive time saved. Sitting in traffic, stopping to get gas, running into an accident, all these things add precious time to your travel time, on top of the normal drive time. I don’t know about you but wasting time stinks.

You Can Listen To Your Favorite Genre Of Music As Loud As You Want With No Complaints! 

Time for some highly motivated exercise and fitness!Ever have a good song come on at the gym and next thing you know the station is changed? Have fun listening to your favorite vanilla music when trying to have a great workout.

You Get To Choose Exactly What Fitness Equipment Is In Your Space

A specific squat rack, your favorite dumbbell and the weight plates that wont break your toes. All this at your finger tips.

You Never Have To Wait To Use Any Of Your Equipment

Weight lifting does not need any help taking longer by standing in line for a bench. Quit wasting all your time waiting for machines or keeping one eye on the squat rack so you can sprint there when it opens up. Unless your kids come in and try to show you how tough they are, you won’t wait for anything. Oh, precious memories.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Pants, Who Cares!

Work out naked if you want, but it’s not recommended. You’re at home but what if someone drops in or worse, you drop some weights in a precious place?

You Also No Longer Need To Go To Your Local Gym For A Personal Trainer.

Personal trainers can come to your home gym or they can even help you with your fitness routine virtually. Simple, time saving and you can even research the trainer prior to choosing. Looking for someone who specializes in your genre or someone who works with others countrywide. You can now do that.

What Did I Miss?

If you really want a full list of benefits, you’re going to have to go check out those other articles as they are specific to each benefit and they are very comprehensive. The list above is just the start and there are many, many more. If you are sick of paying hundreds of dollars a month on a gym membership, incurring excessive amounts of travel time over the course of a week or you’re looking to just have more time to do the other things you enjoy, a home gym can solve these problems. 

What if you had everything you need, from a home workout perspective, in the palm of your hand? Well now you do and we also have the experts here to help you do it. All the benefits, that’s a large task to take on but I think I got them covered in my cost benefits to a home gym, the time benefits, and the benefits you don’t normally think about. You can link to each of these and read them independently or even grab yourself a copy of my free “Ultimate Home Gym Guide.” Heck, you can even read these in between your workout sets. These encompass the vast majority of what all the benefits would be and leave almost no stones unturned.


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