The Story On My Rebrand And Creation Of The Business

If you want to know how it all started and how I have rebranded and created Renegade, take a look below.

How And When The Business Started – The Early Stages

I started my business almost 5 years ago now; it originally began with some unique exercise equipment product ideas. I really just wanted to perform glute-ham exercises in my home gym, but I didn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment. I also didn’t have room for a less expensive, but bulky, GHD that would take up expensive and limited garage gym real estate. The barbell loaded with a 45-pound plate, situated inside a rack, that doesn’t move forward was also not cutting it. So I decided to create my own wall-mounted glute-ham developer. During this time, I also created some other unique pieces of equipment and this is when I decided to form All Natural Iron.

I created my logo, some social media sites, and expected to be selling my equipment in about a year. I worked with a local auto parts manufacturer in ETG Inc., who was very helpful during the entire process of building my prototypes. It took 4 versions to get to the one I have today. Well, I’m still not selling any equipment as efforts were made with a licensing company and an exercise equipment manufacturer that although showed promise, didn’t get where I wanted it to go. Countless efforts were made with other equipment manufacturers but nothing ever came to fruition. What the heck was going on?? I thought my idea was great!

What I Would Call The Next Step In The Process

Then, along came a company called IdeaPros who wanted to have further discussions on evaluating my ideas; I believe I had about 6 ideas at the time. The process was such that they do a majority of the work but our agreement would require me to run the business, once it was ready for launch. I declined, and you may be thinking how stupid I was, and maybe I was. However, I would not be where I am today, with Renegade, my best idea yet!

I Am Jay Benoit, Founder, And CEO Of Renegade


I Am Sharing This Story For Several Reasons

First, I created the idea for the company after seeing a need for a simpler, less time-consuming, and cheaper way to build a home gym. The truth is, while I was working on my product ideas, I was already helping others build home gyms, for free, because I enjoyed it. I helped others build their home gyms, created exercise programs, and answered health-related questions. This was all to assist others in reaching their health and wellness goals. You see, up to this point, I had moved my home gym three times. I reconfigured it for new spaces, upgraded equipment, and found new innovative ways to get more out of my gym.

I didn’t know it but I was also creating some time-consuming (but helpful) tools to help me assist people in creating their home gyms. It is important to note I was doing this years before COVID. Through these experiences and time-consuming efforts, I learned how to best purchase products. I also learned how to reduce costs, and get the most out of smaller spaces. The best part was discoVeering how many businesses were selling exercise equipment. I also created a ridiculously large excel document with thousands of manual inputs on equipment. Helpful, yes, but not efficient. 

Secondly, I reconnected with IdeaPros, yup, the company I declined to build products with. Although I specifically remember Rob Frechette telling me I would be back. How did he know? We connected on this idea of one website and app dedicated to helping individuals on their home exercise goals; building their home gyms, getting the supplements they need, and the apparel to look and perform their best. Oh yeah, and getting people linked with Personal Trainers, for those who want the help.

The idea centered around being able to view hundreds of companies at once, filter price ranges, reviews, and see what fit their needs best. You know, how we buy everything else we get! A few weeks later and here I was a proud owner of an unnamed business and plenty of my hard-earned savings gone. But that’s ok, I couldn’t be happier than I am today. Now for reason #3.

Third, and probably the most important part of the story. I don’t think there is any question that we all have passion about something. Something we always seem to gravitate to and find ourselves spending way too much of our time on. Even when it gives us minimal in return. What I mean is I was getting no momentary value in return for what I was doing. I do believe I was learning and being given something much bigger as without knowing it, I was building something knowingly or not.

What Does The Business Look Like Today?

Today, I am finally doing what I love and could not imagine doing anything different. Sure, I am busy as hell, and it is certainly not all cupcakes and lollipops. But it’s mine and what I love To do. Nothing is going to stop me, nothing! I am 42 years old and finally where I should be. Why is this important? Cause it’s not bullshit that you can do what you love and eventually find your way there. Whether it’s at 23 and just out of college or at 50 and you just have had enough of everything else you were doing. The fact is, it can happen. My story is now written, but now it’s time for yours.

I am a Renegade, To The Core.

About Jay – Jay is a 30-year natural weightlifter, Certified Personal Trainer, and health enthusiast that strives to help others looking to improve their lifestyle. I own Clean Juice- Concord Mills – and Free Coat Nails – Concord Mills – https://freecoatnails.comWhether you want expert assistance on building your home gym, evidence-based programming to perform in your home gym, supplements to support your health, or you want the right gear to outfit yourself when working out, Renegade should be the only place you have to go.

Renegade is your one-stop, home gym shop. 

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