Wall Mounted Exercise Equipment

The Benefits To Choosing Wall-Mounted Equipment

Deciding on what home exercise equipment you should buy can often be difficult, and time-consuming. This is especially true when you have to contemplate a limited budget, specific dimensions, ceiling height, and a number of other things. This is no difference when pondering wall-mounted or free-standing equipment, especially racks, as this can also become a chore. There are certainly some advantages to installing Wall-Mounted Racks (and other home exercise equipment) but just like everything else, it will come down to your own preferences and needs.

What You Need To Consider With Wall-Mounted or Rack-Mounted Fitness Equipment

Space Savers

There are several things to think about when choosing your rack and the reasons why you might install a Wall-Mounted option. One of the most obvious reasons is to save space or create more space for other equipment. When you wall mount a rack or other equipment, this can free up considerable area to actually perform exercises. If you are limited on the space available for your home gym, this is a serious consideration.
Secondly, you may also be able to make a home gym out of a space you otherwise thought was too small. If you look at how much room a good wall-mounted rack, with a pull-up bar attached can save, you can create a gym in a much smaller space. Use my home gym for an example. I have two racks, which I purchased several years ago from Wright-Equipment (there are others to review as well) in just a 12 x 14 space and there is still considerable room to workout.


While a Free-Standing rack is quite stable due to weight, a wall-mounted option is screwed into your wall and is not going to go anywhere. A large rack offers the same benefits, as they are not going anywhere either but a wall-mounted rack provides additional stability over smaller free-standing racks. I would also note that free-standing racks have come a long way since my original Weider bench and rack from the early ’90s.
When comparing them to lighter-weight free-standing racks, they will be sturdier. No wiggle here!

Budget and Cost

A Wall-Mounted rack can also save you significant $$. There are many options out there, from companies you may not have even heard of, that cost under $600. You could certainly spend more but since you use the wall and floor to distribute the weight, they tend to require less material to produce and keep the equipment stable.

Are Those The Only Benefits?

Absolutely not! Some other reasons others consider wall-mounted equipment include; the cost savings by not needing to purchase other equipment since you can store your bar on the rack. You also won’t ever have to move it out of your way or take up workout time moving your equipment. You can perform pull-ups with the majority of options and if the rack you choose does not come with it, you can usually upgrade or buy a separate pull-up bar.
With that said, there are a number of things to think about and considerations to follow with Wall-Mount Rack
  1. Always follow manufacturer instructions for proper install and warranty & safety reasons. Also, the hardware needed for a room vs. garage is much different. Know what you need first!
  2. Make sure you have proper studs throughout the room to ensure proper storage. Products do come with instructions for 16 or 24-inch installs. Measure first so you know what options work best for your home gym or garage gym.
  3. If you have an apartment, be sure you have the approval to install a Wall-Mount device. There, disclaimer done for you renters out there.
  4. Do you have other means for plate storage as most wall-mounted racks do not have storage solutions? Check out other plate/bumper storage options here.
  5. You might need a buddy to assist you in the installation process.
  6. If you plan to move often, you may want to think about other options.
Whether you want a Wall-Mount or a Free-Standing Rack, make sure you are contemplating the items noted above as both can be great options for any home gym. They each have their pros and cons and if you want some additional guidance, just hit Renegade up, and we will be there for you.

What Else Might You Wallmount In Your Gym?

  • A TV
  • Barbell or Plate Storage
  • An Exponent Edge GHD
  • Storage for accessories; jump ropes, bands, kettlebells, and other pieces of equipment.
If you want to know how to view all of your rack options, all you have to do is reach out to me for some assistance and I can pin down that perfect option. In fact, this can be done for anything and everything you need for your space.

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