Should You Follow That Pro Or Celebrity Training Program?

Should You Follow That Celebrity Training Program In Magazines?

You see it all the time in magazines and articles showing the workouts your favorite actors & actresses follow. They get in amazing shape for the roles they play to portray our favorite superheroes. They look fantastic and have the bodies many would idol. If they can get in this type of shape in just 3 to 6 months, you want to know exactly how they did it, so you can do it too.

Are You A Superhero?

Superheroes have some impressive powers and abilities to fly, disrupt the weather, and squash things with their superior strength. If celebrities can turn into superheroes, why can’t you? Or at least, why can’t you look like they do?
The issue with this expectation is you probably won’t. At least in the same time frame. This is not because you’re not capable, because you are, but changing your physique in 3 to 6 months is unrealistic. Especially at the rates, celebrities do it.

Why Can’t You Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Or Get Lean Like Them?

Programming And Nutrition

There are a number of reasons why but first off, it’s because they probably didn’t even follow that program that was written on social media. You see, this is a way to sell the magazine itself, the diet, or the supplements that are also being marketed. There is also the question of some performance-enhancing help (this is not uncommon), and understanding none of us respond exactly the same way as another person. If you are performing an optimal workout routine, and you are new to physical activity or weight training, a realistic amount of muscle in one year is about 15 to 20 pounds. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great deal of muscle but; you’ll need an optimal and intense workout to make sure you are hitting on all cylinders. This means you are eating healthy food, following a specific diet plan, getting adequate sleep and recovery, and crushing the gym. If you are not doing these things, your muscle gains will likely be much less.

It’s Their Life

You also have to remember, when they are getting ready for a role, this is their job. This allows an opportunity to; work very hard, have plenty of time to do it, and get coaching help all along the way. They dedicate their time and effort to this goal and for their efforts, they make millions. So pounding cake and cookies, skipping workouts, and winging their workouts, really are not options.
Celebrities have dietitians writing up meal plans, they’ll consume plenty of dietary supplements, consume adequate protein, train to crush their goals, and who knows what else.


Don’t let these unrealistic expectations deter you from what you can accomplish though. In time, you can also progress on your weight loss journey or muscle-building desires. Building your best body ever can happen for all of us, you just need to have realistic expectations. Going from where you are today, to looking like Thor in 4 months likely needs to be put in check. If you start off thinking this is likely, you might just find yourself questioning why you started or what you are doing wrong. This does not necessarily mean you are doing anything wrong other than believing gaining 20 pounds of muscle in 7 weeks is possible DRUG-FREE.
My suggestion is why bother wasting your time on what they did when you could be working on what is best for you. This is not the lifestyle you live, you have other obligations to tend to, but you can get customized workouts that fit your time constraints, the equipment you own, and the goals you have set forth to accomplish.
Be your own superhero, be a Renegade!

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