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If You Are Looking For Both Strength And Size, How About The Renegade Powerbuilding Workouts

Powerbuilding is the weight training routine where powerlifting and bodybuilding come to an inevitable crash. It’s really the middle ground for those who have a hard time deciding between bodybuilding and powerlifting. You want to get strong but you also want to get big. This hybrid model accomplishes just that. Not only do you get to consistently perform the main three lifts but you also get to perform them in lower rep ranges but at the same time, still build muscle throughout every muscle fiber in your body. Could there be anything better than getting your bodybuilding fix and squatting, deadlifting, and benching all rolled up into one nice little packaged exercise program.

How about we get to some description of the programs so you can get to downloading some free workouts. That’s really why you are here. 

What Are The Benefits Of Powerbuilding?

There are a number of benefits to Powerbuilding and for the most part, this is really just listing the benefits of bodybuilding with powerlifting, with a few caveats. 

  1. First, we already know a major one, getting larger muscles!
  2. We also know that powerlifting will increase how strong we are in the 3 major lifts.
  3. You can certainly improve athletic performance.
  4. If you also follow a sound nutrition program, looking better naked could be a benefit.
  5. Your confidence will grow but let’s not get cocky.
  6. You can better control weight loss or gain and therefore maintain better overall health as more muscle means a metabolic advantage.
  7. Regular weight lifting and exercise decrease the chances of cardiovascular disease
  8. Building muscle helps protect your joints and reduces the likelihood of injury
  9. You get to perform the major lifts with lower rep ranges, cause who likes sets of 15 on barbell squats and deadlifts anyways. 
  10. You get more supplemental work and the opportunity to build size vs. a traditional powerlifting routine.
  11. If you can’t decide which you like more, you don’t have to choose any longer.

There are certainly more out there but let’s not make this list too crazy to get through. 

What Are The Specifics Of The Renegade Powerbuilding Workouts?

What Muscle Groups?

Did I not mention bodybuilding above? You’ll be working on everything. The program has its base around the bench press, squat, and deadlift but you won’t be skipping any of your other muscle groups. We want to improve your numbers in the main lifts but we want to build up the rest of your body at the same time. This program is designed to build size and strength so let’s get it done.

How many days a week?

There are plenty of options for you to choose from as I know we all do not have the same schedules or number of days to work out. You won’t find any 1 day a week programs here but you don’t have to work out 7 days either. You will get several choices in between those extremes to choose from. Pick which fits you best and test it out. If you want to try others, go ahead, they’re free.

Program Intensity

The program includes a gradual increase in intensity, on the major lifts. It also includes plenty of supplementary work for each and every muscle. The workouts proceed with moderate rest in between your compound sets. I build them this way to get more work done within a 45-minute program. You should get adequate rest in between sets but if you are used to 3 or even 5 minutes of rest, this may take a couple of weeks to adjust to. Powerlifters normally rest for longer periods and bodybuilders use very short rest. This is a hybrid model so we rest in the middle of these two ends of the spectrum. The workout uses higher intensity and lower repetition ranges on the main lifts and increases in reps on most supplementary work. Remember, working across multiple intensities and loads is a great way to build muscle.

You will also notice that on the major lifts, your first few sets are not going to failure and actually are several reps away from that. These are working sets as you will still be working hard but you will wait until your last set to complete your rep-out target. If you hit it, you move up in weight.

Tracking Progress

Tracking progress is important. This is how you will garage if it is time to move up in weight. This does not mean you can’t incorporate some variety as I have done that here. You will see some exercises stay consistent week to week with some of the supplemental exercises changing. It is not variety to “confuse your muscles.” This is done to enjoy doing something new each week. However, I can’t stress how important it is to know if the program is working for you.

There is no fooling you into thinking you are making progress, you can actually track it. You’ll be able to watch the weights increase or see your reps go up. Studies also show people stick to a program better with some variety and this also helps with higher motivation – If you are stuck or not making progress, you can now spot when it is time to modify the program or take some rest.

How Do You Follow The Work Out?

At the beginning of the document, there is a “Rules Of The Game Tab.” This is your guide and should explain everything you need to know. If you have questions about it, do not hesitate to reach out and ask me, I’ll get back to you quickly. 

Who Is The Workout For?

  • Anyone who wants to build muscle and get stronger. Isn’t this just about everyone? But, you also don’t want to or have the time to work out for two hours. You’ll be done in 45 minutes or less, 90% of the time. 
  • You want to train every body part and improve your entire physique. 
  • This program would also be a fit if you like a combination of muscle size and strength. 
  • The program can be used by men & women of all ages. A program for men & women really doesn’t need to differ much anyways. 
  • You prefer lower rep ranges and heavier weights on compound lifts.

Who Is The Workout Not For?

Those who do not want size or strength. Wait, do those exist that weight train? Probably not so this program can work for almost everyone. If you don’t like bench press, squatting, or deadlifting, then you probably need something else. Finally, if you only want to do the bench, squat, and deadlift and skip everything else, then you want to stick to powerlifting.

What Are Some Of The Workout Benefits?

  • The workouts are built to be done in 45 minutes or less. You won’t lose your entire day.
  • The program is in excel and you can modify it if you so choose. If your significant other or best pal wants a copy, it’s free, tell them to grab it on their own. Why should you do any more than you have to anyways, make them do it on their own. 
  • There is a great deal of automated population throughout.
  • Plenty of exercise variety and training frequency changes are built into the program
  • You can easily track your progress
  • It is flexible. You don’t have to work out 6 days to get results, you can choose which one works best for you.
  • There is an instructions page that tells you how to read and understand the program.
  • You can also get access to my free exercise instructions document in case you do not know how to perform an exercise.

Are There Other Pre-Built Programs To Check Out?

You bet there are! I have several other free options to choose from. If you like PowerBuilding, High-Intensity Interval Training (mine has a twist to it – mine includes weights – because they should). You can check them out here. They are all free and who knows, maybe one of these will fit you better.

What Else Can You Get For Free?

Here is a full list of everything you can get for free at Renegade. All you have to do is visit my free stuff page and grab all your free stuff.

  1. The Ultimate Home Gym Guide E-Book
  2. Exercise list by equipment type
  3. A document with a list of advanced techniques, and their definition
  4. Multiple eBooks on building gyms, in a budget: Body Building, Powerlifting 
  5. An expansive list of chest exercises
  6. An expansive list of exercises using a barbell
  7. Building muscle with a Landmine

I want to know what you like about the program and please share your results and thoughts on any of my social channels. If you believe this is a good fit for one of your friends, pass a note along and tag Renegade. I want each and every one of you to get bigger and stronger and hit those fitness goals.

If you more particular about the exercises you want, the specific design, or anything else and want a custom build, I get it. Let me know exactly what you like and I will see what I can do!

Video Description of the Programs

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