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How My Wife Prefers to Train

You may have seen or read my Renegade Workout blog already, you know, the copy of the workout that I perform, and I wanted to also share with you the program I have built for my wife @allnaturalfemale. She has a tight schedule just like me, we both have 3 kids and she runs our Clean Juice and Freecoat Nails stores. If you have never heard of Clean Juice or Freecoat, just check them out and if you live in Charlotte, come check us out! These businesses are an extension of our values on health and putting the best possible food, and products into and onto our bodies. I promise this is not a post on Clean Juice but all of this matters. Since she is also very busy, much like many of you working mothers out there, she has some specific requirements for her program.

Her Workout Basics And Building Blocks

  1. She likes to train 4 days a week.
  2. It has to be about 30 minutes or less so she can also spend 25 minutes or so in the sauna before getting ready to do get parental duties and go run our store. 
  3. One of her favorite genres is bodybuilding, the 3 main powerlifting exercises, and a bit of variety.
  4. She also likes to train every muscle and not leave anything out. 

She will also do Yoga, which I cannot program or teach, but that is usually reserved for her Deload or break weeks. 

What Makes Up My Wife’s Work out?

The training program is a 4-week program that can continue to be repeated once you finish as it incorporates progressive overload and enough variety to keep things interesting. The All-Natural Female Workout combines a bodybuilding and powerlifting “light” schedule. The bones of the program are built around bodybuilding and rep ranges primarily fall between 10 and 15. I mention powerlifting light as the main 3 lifts in powerlifting are in the program, she enjoys these just as much as I do, but each is only trained 1x per week. To also save her some time, I included some supersets to get some increase in volume but not add minutes to her workout routine. 

She also enjoys a day of non-traditional bodybuilding or powerlifting exercises to keep things interesting so she also has a Metabolic Resistance Training day. This day is built mostly with kettlebells to keep it moving along quickly and still use resistance. Again, the goal being keeping the workout at about 30 minutes. Now, you can do exactly what she does or you can make some changes but you can determine if you want to give it a try with a quick glance over. The workout is free, she told me it had to be, and it is easily modified.

What Muscle Groups?

She trains every muscle group throughout the week with a good mix of multi-joint movements on her MRT day. Leaving a muscle group out would just not fly so you will see everything getting trained in this program.

How many days a week?

She trains 4 days a week and modifying this program to 3 o 5 days would not be as simple as modifying the Renegade Workout. But if you ever did miss a workout, they are only 30 minutes each so you could stack two of them, if you had to. This schedule just fits her needs and goals the best so I built it very specifically for that purpose.

Program Intensity

The program includes a gradual increase in intensity, on the major lifts, for each muscle group. It also includes supplemental work for every muscle, so this is what I mean when its bones are built with a bodybuilding structure. The workouts have moderate rest in between sets. I incorporate some supersets to get more work done in ~30 minutes but she does get adequate rest for her muscles before the next set. The workout uses higher intensity and lowers repetition ranges on the main lifts and increases reps on the supplementary work. My wife likes some repetition variety as well so you’ll see higher reps on the supplemental exercises.

Tracking Progress

Like me, my wife likes to track her progress but still does something new each time. The benefit to this is she can see how she is responding workout to workout but still keep her programs fresh. Studies do show people tend to stick to a program better with some variety. It has also shown improved results for higher motivation. If you are stuck or not making progress, you can also understand when it is time to modify the program or take some rest.

How Do You Follow The Workout?

Following the workout is pretty easy and I am not going to explain it here as the document has the full instructions on tab 1 in the excel doc. If you have questions about it, do not hesitate to reach out and ask me, I’ll get back to you quickly.

Who Is The Workout For?

Ok, so likely the question that appeals to many of you the most. Who should try this workout?

  • If you like bodybuilding or powerbuilding, this might fit you well. 
  • If you are looking for a workout that builds muscle and strength and can do it in 30 minutes or less, 4 days a week. This might be a great exercise program for you.
  • This program can also be used by men but I did build it with my wife’s likes in mind.

Who Is The Workout Not For?

If your focus is on powerlifting, this isn’t for you. You just won’t be satisfied with the limited amount of flat bench, squatting, and deadlifting to make you happy. If that is something you are looking for, you should probably find something else. Long rest is also not s component of this program, don’t bother with this one if you prefer several minutes between sets. If you do not like strength training or lifting weights, then this is definitely not for you. What are some of the Work Out Benefits?

  • The workouts are designed to be done in 30 minutes or less. You’re welcome, back to the rest of your day!
  • The program is in excel and you can modify it if you so choose, please don’t share, just tell your friend it’s free and grab it on their own.
  • There is plenty of exercise variety and training frequency if you choose to make it that way.
  • You can easily track your progress
  • It is flexible in the sense you can easily replace exercises. You can also easily copy weeks and add them for future programming. 
  • There is an instructions page that tells you how to read and understand the program.

What If You Don’t Own The Equipment To Do The Exercises On The Workout?

Great question. But you do! Your exercise choices include barbell options, dumbbell & kettlebell options, bands, and bodyweight choices. If you don’t have the exercise equipment for some of these exercises, but want to, you have a few options.
  1. Go buy some new equipment here or even here.
  2. Download my free exercise lists to find other options. It’s ok, you don’t have to worry about exactly what to choose. Why? There is no exercise out there that is absolutely imperative for results. Choose the one you like or have never tried, trust me, it’s safe.
  3. Don’t work out. Wait, that’s a really bad choice, forget I wrote that one.

Are There Other Pre-built Programs To Check Out?

You bet there are! I have several other free options coming and new ones are being uploaded every couple of weeks, o choose from. If you like PowerBuilding, weight training, and cardio combo, High-Intensity Interval Training (mine includes weights – because they should), Metabolic Resistance Training, or several others, go and check them out here. I have done them all, except my wife’s. Maybe you will find one that fits you perfectly.

Here is a full list of everything you can get for free at Renegade

  1. The Ultimate Home Gym Guide E-Book
  2. Exercise list by equipment type; always adding more
  3. A document with a list of advanced techniques, and their definition
  4. Other Home Gym Building Guides based on your favorite genre and budget.
  5. A Home Gym Questionnaire for me to build your perfect gym!

For More About My Wife.

My wife has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, focuses on the Pelvic Floor, and is Pre and Post-Partum certified. She is more than capable of building her own programs but she likes someone else to do it. I enjoy making them so I like being able to do this for her. Of course, if there is something she doesn’t like, she has no problem letting me know what she would like changed. Listed below are the ways to learn more about my wife.


Hopefully, you think this program could be a good option for you but if not, there are plenty more free ones to choose from. 

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