How To Sleep Like A Baby

How To Get Better Sleep

Here Is How You Improve Sleep Hygiene And Get Better Sleep

Good sleep is critical in your everyday life and your sleep schedule can have either amazing or detrimental effects on your health Healthy sleep is important for both our physical and mental health and serves as a reset for our bodies. Sleep affects our ability to focus, perform at our best, recover appropriately, mitigate injuries, and prevent hormonal issues. It should be no surprise that getting quality sleep is crucial for many aspects of our life. 

Do You Want Better Sleep? Then Try These Tried & True Strategies

You should perform regular exercise and move daily. 

Physical activity helps our bodies function better and improve our sleep quality. It has also been shown to improve deep sleep and improve our sleep cycle. However, you should evaluate working out immediately before bed –

Get Some Sun On Your Face Before Lunch

Why? This helps regulate melatonin production and our regular circadian rhythms. 

Stop Caffeine Consumption At Least 6 Hours Before Bed Is Ideal

Yes, we all break it down at different rates but unless you have this tested, 6 hours is a safe bet to mitigate negative effects on your sleep at bedtime. This recommendation also includes other stimulants.

Put Your Electronics Away At Least An Hour Before Bed

Either proceed as per above or try blue-light-blocking glasses. These lights on our electronics can mess with our sleep-wake cycle, ditch them before bedtime.

Sleep In The Darkest Conditions You Can

Research shows the darker the room, the easier it is to fall asleep. This also helps give the appropriate signals that it is time to fall asleep.

Keep Your Bedroom Cool

Our bodies are better at sleeping in cooler temperatures. Think about trying to sleep in the summer heat, uncomfortable right? Don’t let temperature cause poor sleep.

Create A “Go-To” Bedtime Routine

Just likening consistent on your workout routine produces the best results, so does being consistent on the time you go to bed. You should also be consistent and wake up at a similar time daily and this can do wonders for your sleep.

Before You Go To Sleep, Try Some Relaxation Techniques

What are these? Meditation, prayer, and slower deep breathing techniques. I end my night with a few minutes of gratitude and meditation. 

What About Noise?

Some resources recommend having no noise in your room, but I prefer a sound machine. This blocks out those annoying noises from outside that we can’t control. See which one works best for you and your sleep habits.

Thoughts That Won’t Leave Your Mind

If you’re like me, and things can sit in your head, keep a notepad nearby and jot thoughts down so you don’t think about them all night long. This can certainly cause a sleep problem so use this suggestion to reduce thoughts while you try to fall asleep.

Other Options To Improve Sleep

  • Use your bedroom for sleep, showering, and sex only. It does not need to be in that order. 
  • Get the TV out of your room, this will be a game-changer!
  • Use A sleep diary to record nights you have good sleep and nights you do not. Now you will have a record of what could be impacting insufficient sleep or a better night’s sleep.
  • Try a sleeping aid like you’re a knockout by Ora Organic.
    • Effective, natural, and ethical alternative to chemical sleep aids. 
    • Plant-based option to aid quality sleep
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To review and learn more about this product, visit here Ora Organic Get Better Sleep Now and see how you can improve your sleep naturally. 

These are all great options to improve your sleep habits and sleep routine. If you are having trouble with building muscle, making progress, focusing, or any other condition above, take a look at your sleep. If you are not trying all of these suggestions above, start giving them a try. Research shows the average person needs 6 – 8 hours of sleep but as you have read a thousand times, we are all a little bit different in what we need. You may be surprised how much better you feel as you start to get the consistent quality sleep that your body needs.

You can implement several strategies above or try them each individually to see what works best to help you get those much-needed hours of sleep. Your body’s time to recover, reset and rest are critical not just in our efforts to make improvements in the gym but also in our everyday living. 


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