The Free Ultimate Home Gym Guide

A complete, 25-page guide to help you build the home gym, or garage gym of your dreams. 

Advanced Training Techniques eBook

A comprehensive list of advanced training techniques, with definitions, and how to incorporate them into your workouts.

A Bodybuilders Home Gym for under $3,000

I get it, building a home gym when you don’t know where to start is difficult. If you are looking for a home gym to build muscle, on a budget, you need to check this out.

An Experienced Bodybuilders Home Gym for $4,000

If you have a higher budget than $3,000 or just want to know what comes after a beginners home gym, this guide will help you understand that.

Barbell Exercises for Every Body Part

We all know the bench press, barbell squats, barbell curls, and several others but if you want a thorough list of barbell exercises, for every body part, then don’t look any further.

An Extensive List of Chest Exercises

International Chest Training Mondays. If you are tired of waiting for a bench or just want more chest exercise options, check out this guide with over 60 exercises to review and implement in your programs.

How To Build A Powerlifters Gym for Under $3,000

You have dreams of maxing out the Big 3 but don’t know everything you need to do, when on a budget. Well, now you do.

Join The RenegadeCore Facebook Group

A place for fitness lovers, enthusiasts, and newbies to join and ask questions, and get help on everything from; home gym builds, equipment recs, nutrition, and challenges we all face. Professionals are welcome to provide their credentials.

Building Muscle With A Landmine

A landmine, worth the money, or just a piece of equipment that will collect dust?
I am here to tell you it is well worth the investment. Of course, you’ll have to actually use it but this inexpensive piece of equipment can be used from several options.

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