Dreams Can Come True

I have been passionate about health and fitness for my entire life and I started working out when I was just 12. My desire to get stronger, bigger, and faster started at an early age, and this helped me in becoming a better athlete throughout high school. I competed in some powerlifting competitions and pursued multiple personal training certifications and haven’t stopped learning since. This would probably make you think that I would have gone to college to major in exercise science or become a professional athletic trainer or you know, do something related to fitness but instead, I chose insurance. Trust me, looking back, I don’t get it either and luckily, the career treated me very well but it was not what I was passionate about. Why do I share this? Even though it took me a lot longer to get here than it should have, I now get to do what I love. No matter what age you are or where you are in your life, your dreams can come true. 

What Is A Dream?

My desire to continue to be strength train and learn all I can about health and performance has never wained and the realization that fitness is my passion is something I cannot ignore. My guess is everyone knows what a dream is but what I want to describe is a dream as in a desire you have or something you are passionate about pursuing.

A dream in this sense is described as a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. After my questionable decision to not make my passion my career, what the hell was I thinking! I am now back to help all of you and speak about what so many others say and find your “why”. Find out, if you have not already, what you are passionate about and stick with it. I know this sounds cliche but it’s true. I for so long was trying to find my way back and after some deep thoughts, creating some exercise equipment patents, and just refining my home gym, I finally figured out my purpose after 42 years. The best part about it is I now get to help people like you improve their health and save money while doing it.

Why Do I Share This?

The point is, whether you know it in your teen years or discover what you love at 50, your dreams can always come true. Don’t stop working toward this and don’t listen to the naysayers or those who say you don’t have to love what you do. You certainly don’t have to love what you do but if you could, why not go after it? I am just one example of this and you can easily find thousands of others. However, dreams can’t come true, if you do not take action!

Why Do Others Doubt That This Can Happen?

You Haven’t Started

  • It’s hard to convince yourself, or others, that you can go on when you haven’t started. When you have not begun, it is difficult to visualize what the start or future looks like.
  • Every successful business started somewhere, and not at the top!
  • Unless you take your first step, no matter how small, you’ll remain insecure. Your first job is to get the ball rolling.
  • But, as you start and take steps, things start to come together. Don’t let not knowing everything stop you, none of us know every obstacle or fortuitous event that will occur.

They Don’t Believe They Can Do It Themselves

  • If someone else doubts their own abilities to accomplish a dream or passion of their own, how confident will they be that you can do it?
  • Be confident in what you can accomplish and show that even when you may not have the answers right away, you know how to get them.
  • This is their problem, not yours!

It’s Not Safe

  • Is anything safe or easy? Even your typical day-to-day job requires effort and is not always safe.
  • There are a number of things that can happen with your employment, both internally and externally.
  • At least when you are running your own business, you have more control of the outcome.

They Don’t Believe You Have What It Takes To Work Hard

  • Have you tried something before and failed? Yes, we all have and you will again. When it does happen, get up, go at it again as you likely know more than at your first attempt.
  • Maybe you have dropped other things in the past, maybe something you weren’t passionate about.
  • This is your time to show you have what it takes.

They Can’t Visualize What You See

  • It’s like walking into a house with no drywall up, it’s hard to visualize what it will look like when it is finished. 
  • I don’t even view this as a major problem, most people don’t know what they’re doing either.
  • It’s alright to be a bit confused about what you’re doing, but as you ascend from one step to another, you gain and can share clarity you first lacked.

You Lack Experience

  • I’m willing to bet most who ventured into the unknown and starting their own business did not have all the experience they needed either.
  • What you need to understand is it’s just a matter of time, and some hard work of course, that you’ll begin to build this experience. Before you know it, you’ll be performing at a much higher level and questions on not having the experience will disappear.

We All Have Fears

  • None of us want to fail, and that’s one major reason many do not even get started. We are the ones that hold ourselves back.
  • Still, you need to recognize failure is going to happen and it is just one thing that can’t be prevented, all of the time. It’s simple – you fall, you learn, you rise, you crush it next time.
  • How do you overcome these thoughts, treat them as ordinary, and know it is going to happen. Even Tom Brady throws interceptions. Imagine if he didn’t get back up after each one of those? Would he have 7 Super Bowl Rings? Don’t be afraid of failure.

Don’t think your dreams can’t happen for you. You are the one that gets to determine the outcome, not others. Put your time and energy into what you are passionate about, even if it has to be on the side at the start. Pursue your dreams and don’t accept complacency and maybe you’ll actually help someone else do the same thing.

Do not let anyone tell you your dreams can’t come true. They can now go do it!

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