About Renegade

My name is Jay Benoit and I am the Founder and CEO of Renegade and Exponent Edge.

I am a passionate Health & Wellness professional that believes in providing exceptional products and services to others who also desire to improve their fitness and general health. Hold up, let’s start over. You should expect something better than this from a company called Renegade.

I am a pretty normal dude but was tired of being f***king average so I decided to build this business, and Exponent Edge, so you can also get out of your funk. I know how busy life is for you parents and career-oriented people and that you all need something better than spending 30 minutes or more traveling to and from your commercial gym just to do a 45-minute workout.

You want a healthier lifestyle. Who doesn’t? So how about a kickass home gym that saves you time and your hard-earned dough all at the same time? Then quit bullshitting around elsewhere and come join the club.

Here’s the deal, I am going to help all of you accomplish this but you’re also going to have fun and look cool at the same time. Yup, I said it, cool and this is exactly why I started this company, along with being able to work with some amazing people at IdeaPros. Yeah, token plug there but they deserve it.

The best part of this whole thing is I actually get to help all of you. No this is not some cheesy line, I want everyone coming to my website or reading this post to have a home gym they can be proud of. You know, the type where the neighbors come over and you can hold your head up high and your chest up. They know you’re serious when they see your gym and in the back of their head, they’re wondering where they went wrong and start asking you how to get one themselves.

I understand you, I have 3 boys, balance several priorities, one of them being this business, and know you don’t have time to waste searching for equipment on multiple sites or buying a bunch of crappy equipment you don’t need. I also know how to save you money. I built my 4th home gym myself, and have been helping others do it as well and now it’s your turn. I built some good tools, albeit over hundreds of hours, but I figured out how to make the process easier and now you get to benefit. I know, awesome right?!

It’s true, I am your regular; exhausted, hard-working, energetic, and happy father that wants your life to be better, and every day walk into your iron paradise and get the chills when you see what you built. So let’s get to work, have some fun, and create the best home gym and physique of your life. I’m thrilled you do not have to do what I did to get here and can rely on Renegade to do the heavy lifting for you, pun intended.

If you really want to know more about me, it’s entirely up to you, but here you go

I am also a Certified Personal Trainer and went through a program designed by one of the most knowledgeable bodybuilders on the planet in Menno Henselman’s and the Henselman’s CPT – https://mennohenselmans.com/online-pt-course/

Renegades Mission: Renegade is a fitness company whose mission is to innovate, revolutionize, and simplify fitness through technology. Leading people to a healthier lifestyle and simplifying all things related to home fitness should be available to everyone.

Renegades Vision: To be an inspirational company that improves the lives of millions of Americans and individuals with a passion for improving their Health, Wellness, and quality of Life.

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